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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion


In speaking with my child about what he is learning at school, and hearing his thought process around identity, and pronouns, and differences, it makes me sad for his generation. We have created a culture that promotes separation and singularity, at the expense of connection and unity. Here’s a radical idea… What if We and Us were the only pronouns we taught? And what if kindness was the cultural modus operandi we espoused? What if instead of Diversity and Inclusion, we focused on our fundamental similarities and practiced humanitarianism? Imagine the impact that would make for our children, and their children, and their children…

If you follow Arthur Brooks’ column “How To Build A Life” in The Atlantic, you may have seen this piece last year, though his message is just as relevant and important today, perhaps moreso…

Enjoy & Be Well!

Dr. Kimbi, DNP

“If you are unhappy with America’s culture of political contempt; if the present public-health crisis has forced you to reexamine your attachments; if you are less than bullish on the world we are building for our children and grandchildren; then perhaps you might entertain a new way of thinking.”

ARTICLE: The Subtle Mindset Shift…

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