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How do you really feel?…

How do you really feel?…

Asking One Simple Question Can Entirely Change How You Feel… Article by Christian Waugh


Great article about affect labeling… Researchers have found that when we are feeling a negative emotion, the simple act of reflecting on and verbally identifying it can help illuminate the provocative event or circumstance and in turn, provide a direction to resolve the problematic sentiment. For example, “I feel frustrated,” stems from a lack of communication with your partner, and encourages you to express your desire for more connection throughout the day. When we are unclear or inauthentic about our feelings (“I’m fine…”), we inadvertently prolong the dissonance.  

With positive emotions, there is nothing in need of resolution, so sadly, we do not experience these emotions for very long. Affect labeling allows those positive feelings to linger just a little longer through our thoughts about them. Take a moment to get really specific – instead of “I feel good,” focus in to identify the more nuanced feelings of contentment and hope. This can enhance our positive emotional states with dimension and richness.

Be Well!…  Or more specifically, Be Healthy, Energized, and Inspired!  ❤️

Dr. Kimbi, DNP

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